Fish Hatchery

At Outdoor Arena we breed sterile grass carp which is used for aquatic weed control. Our fish are distributed throughout the country and have been introduced to countless golf courses, parks, farms and reservations.

Pre booked guided tours for groups.


A par three, nine whole mashie course stretches out between our fish ponds. It is a unique chipping course and just the thing to polish your short game. Holes are 1.2 meter in diameter and a pitching wedge or sand wedge is ideal to play it with. The longest hole is 83 meter and the shortest whole 39 meter.


Fishing in our well-stocked dams can be done throughout the year. In summer bass, carp and tilapia are the best to try for. In summer we have a special kiddies dam, where fish is 99.999% guaranteed.

Bird Watching

Many species of birds come to Outdoor Arena.  Hundreds of birds make it their home due to the abundant vegetation and numerous water features. Regardless of which time of the year, you are guaranteed a variety of species. Sit in the rock pool in summer and enjoy the scenery.